What Are You Doing With the Current Opportunity?

Chaos is a time of destruction and regrowth, of fear and optimism. The chaos of the present turmoil in the world is a challenge and an opportunity. What it ends up being for you is up to you.

Based upon your personal perception of the world as you see it, your default response may be fear, victimhood, or anger and violence. Certainly, the majority of the masses will respond that way and claim they don’t have a choice. But they do. Default responses are just the easy way out. Everyone can change their negative default responses into positive ones.

The rebuilding of our nation and our world will depend on those who have, and use, the discernment and intuition the creator gave to each of us. Those who don’t get caught up in the hype and propaganda, but have the strength of character to see through it and make choices based on the realities of the various situations rather than knee-jerk responses desired by those who control the narrative.

Just because the politicians are corrupt, the business leaders are predatory, the media is bought and the education system has become a socialist training ground, doesn’t mean you have to respond the way THEY want you to. You have a choice of accepting enslavement to the system or turning your energies in a new direction. A creative direction that becomes part of the cure rather than a part of the disease.

When the established systems are under siege and clearly dysfunctional, a leadership vacuum is created. It becomes obvious that new leadership, with new ideas and better moral fiber, is needed. That creates opportunities for new blood with better vision to step up.

While not everyone is meant to be a leader, those that can, have the opportunity to show their mettle. Unfortunately, not everyone who steps up will be any better than what is being left behind, that is where discernment and a connection to your divine nature needs to kick in. Choose the leaders that you wish to follow carefully. Choose leaders that will rebuild a better world from the chaos of the past.

How do you know which are good and which are more of the same? You can’t tell by what they say, the powerful are masters at lying with a straight face. Do not get caught up in the emotions they try to stir up, that is a trick of distraction and dishonesty.

Instead, look at who they are. Where do they come from, what did they do there? What they actually have done and are doing is the true measure of a person. Anyone can, and will, say anything they feel they need to say to get what they want. But, the true measure of anyone’s character is what they did before being in the spotlight.

How have they treated people who work for them? What have they done for their communities? How often do they actually follow through on their promises. It’s all a matter of record and anyone who wants to be a responsible human being can find it and use that information to make an informed decision.

Do not blindly accept what you’re told. Check it out. Do not simply accept another’s opinion, check it out. Be proactive about your choices and decisions. That is why the creator gave you an intelligent mind and the boon of free will. So you could be the master of your own fate and a light unto the world.

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