The Truth About The Medical Monopoly

Medical Monopoly in action

Lies Upon Lies Upon Coverups!

We have been lied to about so much for so long that it becomes difficult to even comprehend the extent of the damage that has been caused that could have been avoided. When, however, anyone does begin to be aware of travesty that our current medical monopoly has become, the question remains, where can we find real information?

Who Can We Trust?

Nearly every one of our trusted sources has been revealed as corrupt and liars. Money before people has turned our hospitals into government sponsored assassins, our doctors into, at best ignorant spreaders of misinformation, at worst, knowing, complicit liars who purposely mislead their trusting patients in order to bring in more money. So, who do you turn to when you want a dose of truth?


You have to dig deep and find those who have done the research and risked much to bring you true information. The links below are to various resources that we believe to be information that you need to hear and take seriously;


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