Declaration And Creation Of

A Free And Private Church

For the formation of

Free Spirit Humanitarian Church


An Unincorporated Private Free Church

Date: First Day of the Ninth Month Two Thousand Seventeen

Charter and Declaration for an Unincorporated

Private Free Church

Executed Under the Universal Laws of Private Contract


We believe that the true mission of people, as dictated by the creator, is to support each other with acts of brotherhood, which is the true way to worship the creator. To utilize our Free Will, accept personal responsibility for our actions and to avoid allowing ourselves to become the servants and slaves of outside forces. That is why The Free Spirit Humanitarian Church was formed. We are a congregation of people who believe we have a spiritual mission to serve mankind. Our purpose is to help each other see and love the creator in everyone around us, to be the caretakers of the light of cooperation, personal responsibility, self empowerment, education, and unity.


The primary leadership of the church lies in the person of the Lead Minister. The Lead Minister is assisted by an Assistant Lead Minister and a Council of Elders who are chosen by the Lead Minister and any currently seated members of the Council of Elders. Supporting Ministers are trained in the purposes and tenets of the ministry and ordained by decree of the Elders. Supporting Ministers hold positions responsible for specific activities of the church.


The unincorporated private free church, FSHC, defined by this Declaration, is organized for the benefit of the individual members and is established under the exclusive jurisdiction of the terms and conditions of the private contract constituting the nature and operational principles, practices, rights, duties and privileges of the private members of FSHC for furthering the lives of Members supporting its mission of up-lifiting mankind in all essential areas of life. The primary leadership of the church lies in the person of the Lead Minister. The Lead Minister elects an Assistant Lead Minister to handle the day to day operations of the church. The formation of a Council of Elders by the Lead Minister and any seated members of the Council of Elders may include a Meeting Coordinator, Records Custodian, Communications Administrator, Projects Manager and Charitable Distributions Steward, and any other position as deemed necessary at any time, the formation of which does not incorporate the private free church, FSHC, which is a church with all the privileges and immunities defined by Title 26 USC section 6033, the church is a religious order and therefore has complete immunity to disclosure, which will pertain to its integrated auxiliaries/associations/trust and PRIVATE entity creation. FSHC must always remain un-incorporated.


Clarence J Carl, “Lead Minister”,

Leslie M Carl “Assistant Lead Minister”