Adding basil to your diet brings a wide range of amazing health benefits that support great health. According to the article below, it can help your body deal with stress, lower blood pressure, relieve systemic body pain, reduce blood glucose levels (great for diabetics), and more. It can even protect your DNA from toxins and radiation (think polution, wifi and emf)! I grew a boatload of basil this year! Now I just have to find more ways to use it in my diet. 🙂 More →

More than just an attractive garnish or breath freshener, parsley is a nutritional powerhouse known to act as a diuretic and to build strong bones, reduce inflammation and boost your immunity. Given the right growing conditions, you can easily cultivate this versatile herb indoors or out. More →

Though it’s easy to cultivate and a terrific flavor enhancer, it’ll be the rare doctor indeed who’ll advocate this as a way to boost your brainpower, control your blood sugar, calm acne or suppress inflammation. But this holiday favorite does all that and more. Learn about it’s healing properties and how to grow it yourself, in this article. More →