Free Spirit Humanitarian Church:

We believe that the true mission of people, as dictated by the creator, is that we recognize every person as an extension of the creator and treat them as we ourselves would like to be treated, which is the true form of worship asked of us by the creator.

That is why The Free Spirit Humanitarian Church was formed. We are a congregation of people who believe we have a spiritual mission to serve mankind. Our purpose is to help each other see and love the creator in everyone around us, to be the caretakers of the light of cooperation, personal responsibility, self empowerment, education, and unity.

We do not believe our purpose has anything to do with overseeing any members additional method of worship. We celebrate, what we believe, to be our mandated mission from the creator, our true nature, our true mission.

We understand that many will have trouble with separating themselves from the popular, beliefs of the ages, that is why it is not our purpose to dictate other “religious” aspects of our members. They are free to follow the religious dictates of any religion they choose. We offer no suggestions or preferences in this matter.

We consider our selves a complimentary church. A church that focuses the resources and energies of our members and supporters on assisting our fellows, without prejudice and without judgement, while allowing our members to follow any other “religious practices” they choose, in order to fulfill any additional worship requirements they may feel it necessary to partake in.

The only thing we require of those who would like to join or support us is a belief in the presence of the creator in all peoples, and the desire to help the world become a better place for everyone.

We are, mostly, an internet based church in order to reach as many people as possible, and believe in certain rights, their associated obligations, and basic truths as listed below. It is our purpose to help promote a better world for all by supporting the awareness and utilization of the following rights, obligations and truths.

We of the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church believe:

Each person has been endowed by the creator with the following rights;

To utilize their God given Free Will without obstruction or control by any other person, group, institution or entity of any kind, either legal or physical.

To pursue, without undue obstruction, control or inhibition by any other entity, their personal choice of health, wealth, and happiness.

To learn about and access any and all options to have, maintain, or return to good health, and an overall better quality of life.

To retain, that which they have fairly earned.

To live free from enslavement and/or coercion.

To be loved and to feel love.

To have educational and practical opportunities to enhance the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Each person has the following obligations and responsibilities;

The obligation to not allow use of their Free Will to obstruct, control, or inhibit any other person against their will.

The obligation to accept full responsibility for their own actions and hold no one responsible, other than themselves, for the outcome of their own decisions.

The obligation to spread truth and refuse to give voice to lies, untruths, distortions, and distractions that keep or hide the truth from others.

The obligation to perform “Random Acts of Kindness” whenever and where ever possible as part of their daily lives.

The obligation to love to their fullest extent and to continue to work to see the world around them and its inhabitants as fellow spirits in the Creator.

The obligation to assist their fellows in ways that support their fellows ability to help themselves, and avoid “helping” them in ways that merely increases their dependence.

It is our belief that the following statements and actions are critical to creating a better world;

Without a victim, there can be no crime, for to call it so is to obstruct and deny an individuals Free Will which is an aberration of God’s Law.

For any person, organization or institution, either physical or legal, to force someone into any act or practice, against their will “for their own good” is to obstruct and deny an individuals Free Will which is an aberration of God’s Law.

For any person, organization or institution, either physical or legal, to take, for their own benefit, from any individual, that which the individual has earned or fairly owns, and chooses to retain, is a crime against that individual and against the Creator.

For any person, organization or institution, either physical or legal, to use lies, distraction, and other forms of propaganda to gain power over anyone else, is the same as using force and is a form of enslavement and a crime against humanity and the Creator.


The Free Spirit Humanitarian Church (FSHC) is an assembly called out for the specific purpose of benefiting mankind. Working to create a better world for all is the reason we exist as a church. We benefit mankind through following our core beliefs as listed above.

FSHC is a private free church with all the privileges and immunities defined by Title 26 USC section 6033, the church is a religious order and therefore has complete immunity to disclosure, which will pertain to its integrated auxiliaries/associations/trust and PRIVATE entity creation.