Health Services (Current and Planned)

Part of the mission of FSHC is to provide as many healthy options as possible from which you can choose. Options that help you to reach the best possible quality of life that you would like to reach. These options include spiritual, educational, health and wellness and financial options, for these are areas which make up the lives of our members.

Our purpose is to serve and to provide service opportunities to our members. The following services are areas we have noted as needing addressing. If you have an idea for a service that is important to our members, but we don’t have listed here, please drop us a note and let us know what you have in mind. You can send your ideas to

Thank you, and may heavens blessings lighten your every day.

Scalar Frequency Healing:

It’s no longer a secret that most of us are sick. A broken food system provides us with unhealthy food. Our medical monopoly system works on the premise that there is no profit in a healthy public, therefore rescinding licenses of doctors who actually heal you. We are not only encouraged, but sometimes forced to take drugs and/or procedures that injure us, keep us sick and often kill us.

The purpose of Scalar Frequency Healing is to offer an alternative option. The current option available is frequency medicine. Embedded frequencies in various jewelry and items that help your body to heal itself. Check out the website link below to reach our Church owned Scalar Frequency Healing Store.


The Scalar Health Enhancement Center:

A wholly owned business of the Church is The Scalar Health Enhancement Center. This takes the frequency medicine and Scalar energy to a new level. We have recently opened our first Scalar Health Enhancement Center in Kannapolis, NC. Check out the link below for more information.

Local Food Locator: (Proposed)

While Aquaponic foods are some of the healthiest you can get, most local farms that produce either organic produce, or at least non-GMO and without caustic chemicals are much better sources of healthy food than food produced on factory farms, harvested before it is ripe, ripened by chemicals or radiation, stored and transported often for months before you buy it.

The Local Food Locator is an online directory for finding sources of local food all around the country. We provide the software directory, but we need your help in getting as many sources in your area listed as possible. (Coming Soon)

Alternative Health Network: (Proposed)

This is a project we have in the works that we will be building as a service to our church members. This will be a directory of alternative health services and sources in your area. More information will be available about this service and its far reaching effects when we have more parts in place. It sounds hum drum but will be very exciting when you see what we have in store for this service. (Coming Soon)

NOTE: As you can see, we have a very expansive agenda for our church. With it, we can make a great deal of difference in how our world works, but only if you, each of you, want it, assist us with it and help support it. Please help us to change the world to the one our Creator has envisioned for us. Become a member, order your membership card and donate as generously as you can. All donations are fully tax deductible. Join our crusade for a better world!