Watch your thoughts; they lead to attitudes. Watch your attitudes; they lead to words. Watch your words; they lead to actions. Watch your actions; they lead to habits. Watch your habits; they form your character. Watch your character; it determines your destiny. These words of unknown origin tell us that our silent and often subconscious choices shape our future. Every aspect of our lives, at home and at work, can be improved if we use our power to think, reflect, and make conscious choices about our thoughts, attitudes, words, actions, and habits. Instead, many of us think of ourselves as victims. We complain about ourRead More →

Chaos is a time of destruction and regrowth, of fear and optimism. The chaos of the present turmoil in the world is a challenge and an opportunity. What it ends up being for you is up to you. Based upon your personal perception of the world as you see it, your default response may be fear, victimhood, or anger and violence. Certainly, the majority of the masses will respond that way and claim they don’t have a choice. But they do. Default responses are just the easy way out. Everyone can change their negative default responses into positive ones. The rebuilding of our nation andRead More →