Media Services

Part of the mission of FSHC is to provide as many healthy options as possible from which you can choose. Options that help you to reach the best possible quality of life that you would like to reach. These options include spiritual, educational, health and wellness and financial options, for these are areas which make up the lives of our members.

Our purpose is to serve and to provide service opportunities to our members. The following services are areas we have noted as needing addressing. If you have an idea for a service that is important to our members, but we don’t have listed here, please drop us a note and let us know what you have in mind. You can send your ideas to

Thank you, and may heavens blessings lighten your every day.

Media: (Currently Planned)

Monthly Email Newsletter:

We will be producing a monthly newsletter that will keep our members up on what the church is up to and contain many spiritual as well as practical items that will be valuable in your day to day lives. Our mission is to provide ideas, opportunities, information and inspiration that help you to improve your life and the condition of the world on a daily basis.

Internet Television Network:

As most people are becoming aware, the mainstream media has become a propaganda machine for the elites, their businesses and the government. It is impossible to get an accurate picture of anything through them anymore because they are all owned by a handful of companies with their own agendas.

That is why we have been moving forward on our own internet television network. It will be a truly alternative media outlet for information and news that the mainstream no longer allows on their programs. While much of the basics are in place, it will take some additional funding before it will be able to be more than a small internet channel. With the will of the Creator moving our services forward, however, we know we will have it online and operating in a short time.

NOTE: As you can see, we have a very expansive agenda for our church. With it, we can make a great deal of difference in how our world works, but only if you, each of you, want it, assist us with it and help support it. Please help us to change the world to the one our Creator has envisioned for us. Become a member, order your membership card and donate as generously as you can. All donations are fully tax deductible. Join our crusade for a better world!