My name is Clarence J Carl. My friends know me as Sonny, so I am known as Minister Sonny.

I have been a metaphysician for many years. During that time, I have been a reader, a channel, a metaphysical publisher and producer, a coach, a minister and much more.

Through out my life, things would happen where I would meet someone, or hear something, or some other event would trigger the knowledge that I had been called to complete some kind of spiritual task. To take on some kind of spiritual job.

At times the task or job has been to open the energy channels for a person, or group of people. At another it was to create an event that would shift an energy pattern for a geographical area. At other times it was to deal with a spiritual emergency and then again it has also been to just be a light that was needed at a particular time and place.

Once the task was completed, I would drift back into a more or less normal life until divine spirit called on me once again.


But There is Something Missing!

In the back of my mind, during all that time was the thought “I feel like I need to do more! Some how I am not fulfilling the potential that I was given. It feels like there is something that I need to do that is my primary reason for being here.” but for years, I really couldn’t get a clear picture of what that “something” could be.

Financially, things have always been tight to ok for me and my family. But even when they were at their worst, something would always come through and I would make it. Sometimes not by much, but I would always have something come together so that I was ok. I began to realize that I was being watched over and aided on a regular basis. Through lesson after lesson, I always had a safety net that would catch me before I hit bottom too hard to survive.

Between being aware of the safety net that was always being provided for me, and the sense of being divinely directed to assignments to accomplish, I knew that when the time was right, I would be shown that which I was to do.


A Picture of Where Things are Headed Starts to Form.

Gradually, over the last 10 years or so, more and more signs were given to me that seemed to be heading me in a certain direction. I’m not ashamed to say that this direction scared me!

I was regularly being directed in such a way as to take on more leadership roles in metaphysical and spiritual activities. Different roles that, while I wasn’t looking for them, would pull me in. The constant question of “Who, Me?” would dog me and I would shy away from following it as deep as it wanted me to go.

I am human, and as such, I’ve made my share of mistakes in my life. I don’t claim to be anything, or anyone, special. Like most other people, I have just done the best that I could with what I had to work with, and at times, my personal perception has led me in directions I later felt could have been better.

Therefore, as more and more incidents, revelations and opportunities started presenting themselves, I began to see a picture of where it was heading and I didn’t feel that I was qualified. Sure, I might be able to do it, but who would listen to me? Who was I, to ask people to put their faith in my leadership?

I was just another person with a vision on how things could be better. I knew that things needed to be better, in a lot of areas, but for years, I had no idea of how any of that could be accomplished.

I have never been a revolutionary. I could never be one of those people who join protests, it just wasn’t me. Besides, I watched as others did protest and saw how things didn’t really change much. Most of the nastiness that needed to be changed just went underground and continued unabated.


What Does It Take to Really Make a Change?

The only times things really changed was when enough people started to change how they thought about things. As they changed how they thought, it caused them to change how they acted. As enough people changed how they acted, the laws, government and big business began to change how they treated people.

I also noticed, that the only way any large group of people would begin to change how they thought and acted was when they could find support in the company and voices of like minded others. Any change needed a support system.

But how to effect change in a lot of areas that the government had a monopoly on, or supported an outside monopoly, like education and health care. Change couldn’t be enacted from within the current system, and needed to be done without the upheaval of trying to overthrow the entire system as it is. It seemed like an impossible task.


There Is a Way to Go That Works!

Then, over a period of time, as pieces of information would come my way, I began to see a picture of how things worked and what could be done about it. I began to see that there was a way to create an alternate system, that if successful, and could gain enough support, it could provide the changes needed, and only provide those changes for people who wanted them. It could exist alongside the current system without destroying that system, while at the same time, providing real time proof of what is possible.

A number of institutions have used this method in varying degrees of success. My belief is that they could have done more but have been corrupted by misdirection of purpose and an ignorance of options. Most of these organizations are currently under the stewardship of the U.S. government which greatly affects their ability to make real headway in the changes that are needed.

And here is where the two paths of divine spiritual guidance and real physical world living conditions come together. Under our current system of law and government, the only institution exempt from most of the government oversight and overreach is a Church. But not just any Church.


What Most Church’s Don’t Know About.

Any Church that files for non profit status under the IRS rules 501(c)(3) is under the restrictions set by the IRS and the federal government. At any time, if those restrictions are not adhered to, the IRS can come in and close a Church and take away it’s non profit status because by filing under the 501(c)(3), the Church has agreed to accept the “privilege” of non profit status offered by the IRS in exchange for their subjection to any and all restrictions demanded by the IRS. And those restrictions can be arbitrary and can change at any time. Being a “privilege”, they can be taken away at any time by the one offering it (the IRS).

On the other hand, any Church that claims “Free Church” status falls under the IRS codes 508(c)(1)(a) (which is a reflection of the language of the U.S. Constitution concerning separation of Church and State) and is excluded from government control. It is not required to subject itself to the definitions, restrictions, and controls of the IRS.

A “Free Church” does not have to file with the IRS. A “Free Church” does not have to ask permission to be non profit, it is by definition, and therefore can not have its status arbitrarily taken away. A “Free Church” has a great deal more latitude in what it can and can’t do within the church.


So How Does A Free Church Make the Difference?

So how does this “Free Church” help with the need for a system that can change the quality of peoples lives?

Divine inspiration has led me to believe that the Will of the Divine is not that we spend our time and resources building temples and worshiping the Creator. It is that we spend our time and resources doing the work of the Creator. That work is the caring for each other, with Love, Acceptance and Caring. And that work starts with the understanding and practice of the Divine gift of Free Will, and its flip side, Personal Responsibility.

So a Free Church grounded in the belief of Divine Free Will and Personal Responsibility that is dedicated to the work of the Creator could provide the needed structure.


What Can This Free Church Actually Do?

Under the framework of a Free Church, we can create our own educational system. The foundation upon which any change in attitude and behavior must rest.

We can create our own health system, where the purpose is health and wellness, not managed health care where the only real purpose is ongoing cash flow. We can create our own health assurance system that works with our health professionals and members to care for their welfare.

We can create our own food channels where we can actually know that the food we are eating is good for our bodies and not a poison created in a lab to increase chemical profits. A local food system for every city where you know what you’re eating and who grew or raised it.

We can create a network of employee and Church owned businesses that work hand in hand with their communities to foster a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle for all.

We can create our own currency system that fosters support for all parts of the Church community and increases the mutual support of all members of the community.

There is much more that can be done through such a Church.


A Huge Job!

As you can see, the vision is a large and complex one. A vision that can only come about through the support and work of a large community of knowledgeable, like minded people. Is there any wonder why I fear stepping up to such a challenge?

However, I fought down my fears and have started the ball rolling. Through Divine direction and inspiration, I have created a Free Church. The Free Spirit Humanitarian Church.

The basic tenants of this Church are shown on this site under the “About Us” tab. We welcome your comments and supportive ideas.


Can You Say Yes?

I can only accept this challenge if others are willing to join my wife and I. So step up and say, yes, I would like to see this happen. Let us know that you are willing to help support this vision, in the hope of creating a better world for you, your family and all the land.

Go to the “About Us” tab and read what we stand for. If you believe as we do, it is free to join. Any donations are tax deductible and we will provide a receipt on Church stationery to prove your tax deduction. All donations will be used to further the work of the Church and we will post all things we are doing and have accomplished on the site.

Hope to see you there, for all our sakes. May the Creator bless and keep you and yours through all your days.