Membership for Free Spirit Humanitarian Church

For additional information about what the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church stands for and is looking to accomplish, please read the documents under the “About Us” link in the upper menu.

To become a member:

The Free Spirit Humanitarian Church is a complimentary church welcoming people from all walks of life, religions and belief systems The only pre-requisites for becoming a member of the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church is being in support of the following beliefs:

  1. Free Will is a God given right of all peoples and we will exercise it with care, fully aware that we have no right to interfere with the Free Will of anyone else.

  2. Personal responsibility for our own actions and circumstances is a necessary part of the right to Free Will.

  3. All people, no matter their origin, background, race, religion, sex or viewpoints are all one with the One Creator and deserve to be treated as such.

  4. We all have the right to pursue, without undue obstruction, control or inhibition by any other party, physical or legal, our personal choice of health, wealth, and happiness.

  5. We all have the right to live free from enslavement and/or coercion.

  6. We have a duty to spread truth and refuse to give voice to lies, untruths, distortions and distractions that keep or hide the truth from others.

  7. We all have the right to love and be loved.

Any person in support of the beliefs above are welcome to become a member of our Church. Together, we can change the world into something better. Not by fighting against the old ways, but by building new, improved ways to live that make the old ways outdated, and cause them to fade away.

Through the structure of this church, our Creator has given us a way to create new systems and ways of doing things that make a real difference in the lives of all of us. Health opportunities, educational opportunities, informational opportunities, self empowerment opportunities are all available to us when we work together.

This church has been called forth to be an instrument of the Creator that can make a difference in the tumultuous times we are living in. Together, we can make that difference. But only when we work together. We are here as the tool of the Creator, but we need you, all of you, to work with us, and support our work, so that we may all see an end to the enslavement of the current structure, and the dawn of the new.

Membership is Free of course:

Anyone can join the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church, there is no cost to do so. Simply go to the link below, select which type of membership, fill out the form and be sure to check the “Membership ONLY” box at the top, and you will be entered into the Church Membership Rolls.

Click Here to become a Member.

In order to utilize any of the services of the Church that requires proof that you are a member, you will need an FSHC Membership Card that needs to be renewed annually.

Membership Cards are automatically gifted to members that donate $50 or more ($100 or more for family cards) to the Church during any 12 month period.


See details below to purchase a membership card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you donate $50 or more, ($100 or more for family cards) we will gift you the membership card (s). The $50+/$100+ will be tax deductible. (Only good to you if you itemize on your personal tax return, or you donate it through a business account.)

If you “purchase” a card, it is not a donation since you receive something in return. Therefore, the $45/$90 is not tax deductible. You still receive all the benefits of the Church, you just don’t get the tax deduction for the price of the cards.


Membership Card:

Each member carries an I.D. Card, which states:

“This member of the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church (FSHC) has the God-given, unalienable right to control and maintain their personal health. All members are exempt from any means not freely chosen, including but not limited to: vaccinations, medications, X-rays, scans, and more. FSHC members have the God-given, unalienable right to choose products for their health, including but not limited to: food, plants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and all remedies in any quantities they consider useful or necessary for their personal health or the health of their families. All members have the right to freely acquire these products for their own health and the health of other members of FSHC, and to maintain such products at their place of residence or wherever they deem necessary.

“Note: FSHC will vigorously prosecute any and all persons who violate the religious rights of members of our Church. If any of this member’s rights are violated, he or she will contact the FSHC .


This I.D. Card is becoming more and more important in a world where our individual rights are coming under attack from every quarter. It is a valuable card that can protect your rights to purchase herbs, foods and natural remedies. It also allows you to be exempt from mandatory vaccinations. All members are entitled, to the use of all intra-church services and organizations (see the services listed under the “Services” link in the upper menu ).

To protect yourself and your family, join our Church. It’s low cost and gives great benefits.

What membership can do for you:

There are many advantages to becoming a member of this church. Besides the fact that you will be helping us change the world, membership gives you a place that holds your personal choices sacred. An inter-connected community with opportunities available to improve your life that the general public, outside the church, has had withheld from them.

Here is a list of just some of the advantages:

  1. Protection against vaccinations, unwanted x-rays, scans, and more. We are a church and it is against our church’s beliefs to force someone to do something against their will.

  2. The ability to purchase health products and services of all kinds in any quantity including but not limited to food, plants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and all remedies in any quantity you deem necessary for yourself or your family. The belief includes the right to maintain these products in your own home.

  3. The ability to sell health products and services of all kinds in any quantity including but not limited to food, plants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and all remedies in any quantity as long as they are sold by card carrying members of the church to card carrying members of the church. This protection will be more valuable when various members of the church create their own health food stores and health services.

  4. The membership includes a membership card with these rights written on the back and a notice that anyone violating these rights will be prosecuted by the Church.

The Church Membership card costs $45 for a single adult per year. Family Package is $90 per year and includes an adult card for each adult (maximum 2) which states it also covers all family children under the age of 18.

To Purchase a membership card(s), CLICK HERE.