More than just an attractive garnish or breath freshener, parsley is a nutritional powerhouse known to act as a diuretic and to build strong bones, reduce inflammation and boost your immunity. Given the right growing conditions, you can easily cultivate this versatile herb indoors or out. More →

Though it’s easy to cultivate and a terrific flavor enhancer, it’ll be the rare doctor indeed who’ll advocate this as a way to boost your brainpower, control your blood sugar, calm acne or suppress inflammation. But this holiday favorite does all that and more. Learn about it’s healing properties and how to grow it yourself, in this article. More →

By Dr. Scott Olson Posted February 14, 2018 This may be one of the most idiotic things our government has ever done. And, boy, that’s saying something. So many people are being killed by opioid painkiller drugs that it’s become a national epidemic. And seniors are especially at risk. So what did the FDA just approve to help people get off opioids? ANOTHER opioid drug. This scheme is just as stupid as it sounds. And it could put you and the people you love in danger. The newly approved drug for helping with opioid withdrawal is called buprenorphine. And like I said, It’s an opioid. Now, youRead More →

Don’t you just love the benefits of going natural! Every single case I have become aware of, where someone has used natural substances to heal themselves; it has done a better job than taking medications or pharmaceuticals and without the nasty side-effects. It is my hope to share some of this information with all of you who are interested in being naturally healthy, and staying away from the need for medications, especially in your daily life. I think it’s a no-brainer that we should be learning more about natural healing and work ourselves away from our dependence on unnatural medical drugs. And it IS possible! TheRead More →

Imagine going through the hell of chemotherapy… You deal with the constant fatigue… nausea… vomiting… and diarrhea. Maybe your hair even falls out.  But then you learn it was all for nothing. Because your chemo didn’t cure your cancer – in fact, it may have made it worse. Believe it or not, that may be what’s going on with a popular cancer RIGHT NOW. And the FDA has just approved it for additional uses. For more information go to: More →