Don’t you just love the benefits of going natural! Every single case I have become aware of, where someone has used natural substances to heal themselves; it has done a better job than taking medications or pharmaceuticals and without the nasty side-effects. It is my hope to share some of this information with all of you who are interested in being naturally healthy, and staying away from the need for medications, especially in your daily life. I think it’s a no-brainer that we should be learning more about natural healing and work ourselves away from our dependence on unnatural medical drugs. And it IS possible! TheRead More →

Robert enjoyed diet sodas every day for years. Sometimes he even drank a caffeine-free option with dinner because he liked soda so much. “What’s the harm?” he asked himself. “There are no calories, right?” But it turns out those diet sodas… the so-called “healthier” alternative to regular soda… were doing A LOT more damage than Robert realized. For more information go to: More →

When we’re young, a broken bone is like a rite of passage. But, as we get older, a serious bone break can cost us our independence… or even our lives. Fortunately, scientists have just found a dead-simple way to improve your bone density and strength – and slash your fracture risk by a whopping 21%. For more information go to: More →