Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks

Western Medicine has become a factory for artificial, chemically produced substances and medications for which we are the guinea pigs. Our doctors are only educated about these chemicals, and not about the natural sources that they are striving to mimic with them.

All medicines exist in naturally growing plants and substances. So, in order to make it worthwhile and make a profit, modern medicine had to find a way to change them so that they could be patented in order to reduce the competition and make more profit. Another way they reduce the competition is to make sure that the knowledge about the natural substances, that don’t have the side effects, is kept away from us. So, they don’t allow claims of the actual healing abilities of them to be made publicly. Makes sense since, after all, they have a business to run and they need money to do it, right? But it’s all at OUR expense.

Unlike the natural versions, these unnatural medicines are not accepted well by our bodies and have a multitude of nasty and lethal side effects. Many of which are worse than the problem they were designed to relieve, making it now necessary to take more of the unnatural medicines. Consequently there is a high demand for more and better medicines, so they crank out some more and the majority of these medicines are not tested long enough or thoroughly enough before being released upon the public, due to the demand. A dangerous, vicious cycle, but ohhh so profitable for Them. Which brings us to today and the whole antibiotic resistance crisis. How much louder does nature have to speak before we start to listen?

It comes down to this… Our survival requires that we take a serious interest in educating ourselves about NATURAL solutions to our problems. Not just concerning medicine, but in the way we produce our food and the way that we eat. Toxins that are slowly poisoning us, have taken over everything in our environment. We need to eliminate as many as we can if we are to restore our health. A really good place to start is with our food and our medicine.

If ever the voice of reason spoke more clearly, this is it. I just love it when highly educated people come out with the true facts. Watch the video below to hear what this doctor has to say about Western Medicine and cancer.



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